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How to Feel Successful Early in Your Career | The Muse

Whether you’re just feeling stuck in a bit of a rut or pretty certain it’s time to change roles, focusing on your success makes sense. It’s so much more than patting yourself on the back: It can help you grow where you are—or lead you to something entirely new.

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Four Simple (and Free) Ways for Small Businesses to Get Found

Use these four simple and effective tactics to improve your businesses visibility in local search results with minimal effort (and no technical know-how).

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Who Needs Thought Leadership?

Whether you are an accountant, architect, or creative director, you have probably been in a situation where a current or prospective client has made you feel like your expertise is as dispensable as a tissue. What is a firm to do to overcome intense competition, steep barriers to entry, and waning interest throughout long sales cycles?

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If You Know Your Worth, Why Do You Discount It?

Have you ever sabotaged yourself by asking for less than what you think you're worth?

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Why I Quit My Job After Two Weeks

When do you know it's the right time to call it "quits?" When you stop accepting less than you're worth.

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If You Do One Thing for Yourself Today, Do This

Forget about your “To Do” List.
Forget about bills.
Forget about Facebook.
Forget about the imaginary race you’re running with everyone else.

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Don't Follow Your Passion, Follow Your Personality

When you're unsure of what direction to take in your career, don't look to your passions; consider your skills and the personality traits that make you unique.